Zootopia rules at the box office



Disney’s new animation movie Zootopia finished first at the box office with a massive $73.7 million.

Zootopia breaks Frozen’s record of $67 million as the biggest opening for a Disney Animation movie.

Good news for Gerard Butler, London Has Fallen did much better than his other film Gods of Egypt with a $21.7 million debut.

Here’s this weekend top 10:

1. Zootopia: $73.7 million
2. London Has Fallen: $21.7 million
3. Deadpool: $16.4 million
4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: $7.6 million
5. Gods of Egypt: $5 million
6. Risen: $3.8 million
7. Kung Fu Panda: $3.5 million
8. The Revenant: $3.3 million
9. Eddie the Eagle: $3.1 million
10. The Witch: $2.5 million

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