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The first big event of the Wrestlemania weekend was presented Friday night with NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

American Alpha def. The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Titles

The Arena is sold out. The show begins with the entrance of the American Alpha Chad Gable and Jason Jordan to a big ovation. The Tag Team champions The Revival makes their entrance next. Gable gets the upper hand early on Scott Dawson. Dawson comes back but Gable makes the tag to Jordan who hit a big dropkick on Dawson. American Alpha is in control. The Revival finally turns the tides. Gable makes the tag to Jordan who unchained on both members of the Revival. Great sequence of reverse pins by Gable and Dawson. American Alpha hits their finisher and are your new tag team champions.

Austin Aries def. Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring next. Austin Aries makes his NXT debut to a big ovation from the crowd. Aries unleashed on Corbin at the start of the match but Corbin takes the control afterwards. Corbin beats down Aries. Aries finally gets some offense in the match. Corbin hit deep six outside of the ring. Corbin goes for Ends of Days but Aries reverse in a roll up for the win. AA is your winner.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Sami Zayn

Time for the other big debut of the night. Shinsuke Nakamura makes an entrance to a holy s**t chant. The crowd goes for a Yes! chant before the two collide. Sami Zayn dominates early on. Nakamura comes back with a couple of knees hit and kick to the head of Zayn. Zayn takes back the momentum. Nakamura hits again of couple of knees. Zayn goes flying outside the ring. This is Awesome chants from the crowd. The two exchange punches for a while to the crowd appreciation. Zayn has Nakamura in is submission move. Fight for Ever chant. Nakamura wins by hitting his finisher move. WHAT A MATCH!!! Match of the year so far!!!

Asuka def. Bayley for the NXT Women Title

The Women Title is up next. Asuka make her way to the ring first. NXT Women Champion Bayley follows. The two exchange moves at the start of the match. The champ takes the control of the match but Asuka turns the tides rapidly. Bayley on the offense again. Asuka unleashed with kicks on Bayley. This is Awesome chants!!! Bayley puts Asuka in a leg submission. Asuka hits the Asuka Lock. Bayley pass out. We have a new champion!!!

Finn Bálor def. Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship

The main event of the night is now. Samoa Joe is the first to come out. Finn Bálor does an entrance a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Bálor is on the offensive but Joe turns him down. Joe is busted open. Bálor jump over the top rope on Joe. Joe throws Bálor over the barricade on a security guard. Joe jumps through the ropes. Holy S**t chant from the crowd. They stopped the match couple times to make the blood stop from Samoa Joe face. The crowd isn’t happy about that. The champ takes back the control of the match. The two exchange offense. Joe hits the muscle buster but Balor kick out. Bálor hits the coup de grace. Joe hits the Coquina Clutch but Bálor was able to reverse it for a pin to retain the title.

What a night it was.

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