Apple Sued for $10bn as Man Claims He Invented the iPhone



A man named Thomas Ross has claimed he invented the iPhone in 1992, and has now sued Apple for $10 billion.

He says the iPhone, iPad, and iPod all infringe his invention of an “Electronic Reading Device.”

Ross says he worked on the design for over a year before filing a patent in November 1992. “I would be at home wanting to read books and it dawned on me that it would be nice to have a device aggregating different functions. It was somewhat cumbersome to carry around different devices for different purposes – the trend at the time,” he said.

Ross never followed through with the design because of a lack of funds. He failed to pay the required fees to protect the ERD, and the US Patent and Trademark Office declared his application abandoned in 1995. In addition, he said “I was never good at going after investors and selling them my idea. I am a quiet man.”

He wants Apple to “forfeit the patents derived from his designs.”

The last lawsuit Apple got was in 2013 over Wi-Fi defect and had to pay out $53 million after refusing to repair devices under warranty.

Good luck to Mr. Ross trying to prove his the inventor of the Iphone…

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