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Hello fellow legends!

I’ve got news for you! In the new Marvel Thor movie : Thor Ragnarök , not only are our favorites asgardians walking among us, they may be visiting another handsome fellow : Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Stephen Strange! In the newly leaked photos, we can see Thor holding an address note reading 177A Bleeker St.  As you all know, this is the address of Strange’s sanctum sanctorium. The place is filled with mystic energy wich is perfect for Strange and might be why they need to pay him a visit. Speculations on why they meet are running wild, let us know what you think!

Odin seems to be in Midgard as well, word is he’s been bannished from Asgard, wich is in ruins, and has not fared so well, injured and homeless rumbling about the end of the world.Why? I’ll explain it all to you a bit further, read on! At least he looks like he’s enjoying himself and goofing around! Humility lesson : never be rude to an homeless person, buy them food, money for shelter because you never know,  it could be Odin.

Here is what Odin is ranting about: Ragnarök, in norse mythology, sends back to the apocalypse. It comes with three long winters without sunlight. I’m a canadian and love winters don’t scare me but one after the other is a bit long! Then there is the battle of Vígír where gods face monsters of ice and fire and end of the world creatures. Then, as if this wasn’t enough, a series of natural disasters finishes all of us until there was only two. So I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for Thor, Loki and , hopefully , Strange kick this one to the curb!

On a  lighter side, it’s impossible to ignore the picture of a clown on the newspaper in a stall  behind Chris Hemsworth! All I know is that unless Thor has picked up a job as clown for children parties , I think it’s an impersonator with a fake Mjölrn!

Marjolaine Menard

Marjolaine Menard

34 from Quebec, Canada. I LOVE the x-files , legends of tomorrow , the magicians and im on team Cap! Im into politics , the environnement, human rights and i write novels! :)

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