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Hello fellow legends!

If there is someone who is legendary it’s Sorcerer Supreme , doctor Stephen Strange! This november, we will finally be able to see the motion picture and as I’m sure it’s the same for you too, I cannot wait to see the always incredible performance by Benedict Cumberbacht!  As we have seen him on multiple occasions on the big screen as in Star Strek : Into darkness as Khan , The imitation game as Alan Turing and a recuring role as Sherlock Holmes in the acclaimed BBC series Sherlock, he is truly an amazing actor.

As he told in an interview with Allo-Ciné, his potrayal of doctor Strange is going to be arrogant with a humour. Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

     《 What attracts an actor is the scenario, the filmmaker , Kevin and me [ Benedict Cumberbacth] talked about how to modernize a caracter written in the 60’s and 70’s by making him slightly less arrogant, arrogant but with humour!》

For those who don’t know doctor Strange, he is a top neurosurgeon in the world who plays piano in his free time. That unil  he gets into a car accident that wrecks his career. He then gets transported into a mystical world where he learns from Tilda Swinton : The Ancient One how to save more lives from Kaecilius. This man who said , and I quote :  ” I am death!” and “I am pain!” . Not really the guy you want to chat with!

Cumberbatch who spent his gap year teaching english at Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Darjeeling  in  India loves the mysticism in the movie :

《 I’m really excited about the spiritual dimension, obiously. It’s something that’s been a huge part of my life.》

Strange is helped in his adventure by Karl Mordo played by the talented Chiwetel Ejiofor. The caracter is an amalgame of many caracters and promises to be not as vilaneous as in the comic books. He sees a lot of skills in him and he and The Acient One know he can help with fighting Kaecilius, then things get complicated with the anemosity that apparently didn’t completely disappear with the respect they have for each other.

Let’s talk about the ancient one, Tilda Swinton. First of all, she is the person recruiting Strange to be her pupill to become Sorcerer Supreme.  And also the one who punches his soul out his body! Impressive to say the least. She was very connected to Mordo before Strange came in wich is a possible explanation to their rivalries.

And who keeps Strange grounded well it’s Canadian actress Rachel McAdams! Who plays a fellow surgeon and long time friend  of Strange. When he becomes a sorcerer, she keeps him grounded, human.

I’m telling you, legends….

It can’t get out fast  enough!


Marjolaine Menard

Marjolaine Menard

34 from Quebec, Canada. I LOVE the x-files , legends of tomorrow , the magicians and im on team Cap! Im into politics , the environnement, human rights and i write novels! :)

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