We are never ever getting back togheter!



Hello fellow legends!

It’s over!

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleton are already broken up after he proposed to her after only three months! But no plates flew around the kitchen.

《It was an amicable split!》

Tells PEOPLE about the pair breaking up. Before this point, there relation was a roller coaster: on July 27th they had dinner at Hillstone in Santa Monica and shortly after they were apart for a while because of Tom filming the new Thor movie: Thor Ragnarok in Australia before reuniting in mid-august says PEOPLE.

《 [Swift and Hiddleston] enjoyed a quiet weekend at her Rhode Island home. Taylor sent her plane to pick Tom before the weekend. 》

The relationship became public when pictures of Hiddleston, 35, and Swift, 26, at the pop star’s private beach hit the internet. But then the whirlwind spinned out of control : they met each other’s parents, celebrated Independence day together at her annual high-end party and toured around the most beautiful places in the world. But the Hiddleston parents wanted him to get married already which may have scared the young pop star.

That or she just wanted to write a new song! Haha! :p

Marjolaine Menard

Marjolaine Menard

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