Flames of Inferno!



Hello fellow legends!

After the success of the Da Vinci code movies, filmmaker Ron Howard comes back with Inferno. A thriller where professor Robert Langdon has to, again, save all humanity from the gates of hell.

This time, Robert, a symbology professor in Harvard, wakes up with amnesia in a hotel in Florence. With no recollections to what happened in the last few days, he finds himself chased by assassins. With the help of Sienna Brook , a doctor who helps him escape, he tries to stop a mass extinction. Bernard Zobrist, a transhumanist, tries to solve the world’s overpopulation problem by releasing nothing less than a plague.

The man left a series of clues through the myth of Dante’s inferno for Langdon to follow and hopefully for us all , stop in time. Remember how much you got into cracking codes with the last movies, well get ready to find many hidden clues again!

What the madman’s plan is about the nine circles of hell, reconstructed to send clues to what his next move will be? In mythology each circle is concentric and moves toward the centre of the earth. The circles grow deeper in order of wickedness, punishing the sinners in a poetic justice. Each time, the judgement fitting the deed. The sinners who repented before their deaths are not found in hell but in purgatory. Those who are in the nine circles have tried to justify their sins: the lustful, the gluttonous, the hoarders, and the wasteful. Also the wrathful and sullen are all demonstrated by this poem where Virgil guides Dantes through to the center of the earth where Satan is bond to remain. The first circle Limbo: how low can you go? Haha holding the unbaptised and pagans. The second one is incontinence: no we’re not talking if you’re wearing Depends or not! It’s lust, quite the opposite! The third one is gluttony! Now aren’t you thinking about that “one” time you ate a whole bag of chips! The fourth one: Greed! You’re still buying lottery tickets, we both know that! The fifth one: the wrath! In the river Styx, now you’re just thinking about bad music, the wrathful are fighting on the surface while the sullen lay in the river bed as Virgil and Dante sail by. The sixth one: heresy where they lay in flaming tombs, feeling hot! Hot! Hot! The seventh one ( geez, how many? ) Violence! What a surprise! They must face a minotaur first against neighbors; you know the one who lets his dog poop on your lawn! Second against yourself, like when you forget your keys and stay stuck outside the house! The third one, stick with me this is almost over, god, art and nature: spent too much time in a boring museum, got stung by a bee and got mad at god for letting it happen! Eight circle: Fraud! The guys from Nortel are right up there! The ninth one is Treachery! Like that bitch that went after the guy you love even though you called shotgun!

The villain in this story thinks of himself as Virgil guiding Langdon through his version of the circles. He sees the humans as the relentless monsters and has a plan to get rid of half of them. Great fun!


Marjolaine Menard

Marjolaine Menard

34 from Quebec, Canada. I LOVE the x-files , legends of tomorrow , the magicians and im on team Cap! Im into politics , the environnement, human rights and i write novels! :)

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